Frances Fusaro Photography  & Design

Studio address:

6 Vernon St

Studio #14

Somerville MA 02143



Please contact me anytime to discuss the services I offer, to make an appointment for a photoshoot or to purchase an image you see on my site.

Thank you!

​​I can't go anywhere without seeing a scene, a spot where the lighting and everything is perfect, that I want to photograph and since living in NE is pretty much picture perfect it's a daily struggle . Of course, life gets in the way of me stopping and taking a picture but it's  always on my mind and in my heart.​ 

In 2003 I earned my Bachelors in Art with a concentration in Photography at UNC Charlotte. I worked as a freelancer for a few wedding photographers and taught myself Photoshop. That is where my interest in design came from. In 2010 I came up to Boston and I graduated from BU with a Graphic Design degree. I currently work as a designer at a retail company where I create everything from logos and signage , to emails and packaging to brochures and web banners.  Photography is still in my passion and my expertise allows me to take an idea from concept through styling, capture, editing and ultimately creating impactful web and print advertisement.